About Us

Simply put we give the very best service in town! We give you Value so you can go that extra mile! All our shirts are neatly folded with your design featured prominently . Imagine walking into your client's Office with a box full of individually folded shirts - all at no extra cost to you! Very small or no setup charge for specially items Such as bags, Jackets, Hats, Duffel Bags, Golf Bags and Totes. We only charge for size and stitch count. No extra charges for rush orders We use top of the line software Tajima DGML the highest level Maestro, with the most modern features. Our digitizer has ten years experience, The best software and the experience to use it! Our machines are top of the line HAPPY by TEXMAC and Brother by PAS. - The highest quality output and the best prices in town. FAST turn around times 1000 pieces in a week 3000 pieces in 3. Not Two weeks for 5 shirts! No minimums whether it's 1 shirt or 500 always on time